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Sunday, June 07, 2015

No, @BarakRavid, the United Nations did not condemn rocket fire on Israel

Haaretz's @BarakRavid has criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for taking note before Sunday morning's cabinet meeting of the lack of United Nations condemnation of rocket fire on Israel (including Saturday night).

But if you follow the link Ravid provides, you discover that it wasn't the United Nations that condemned the rocket fire, but rather UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. And even that 'condemnation' created a moral equivalence between terrorist rocket fire and Israeli self-defense.
The Secretary-General condemns the firing of rockets by militants from Gaza towards Israel on 3 June. He calls on all parties to avoid further escalation and prevent incidents that jeopardise the lives of Israeli and Palestinian civilians.
A real condemnation would be issued by the Security Council and would call for action only by the party doing the attacking. This was not a real condemnation. That's why Prime Minister Netanyahu is correct in asserting.
But of course then they will be condemning Israel.

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