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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

It's come to this: We need a Facebook page to support an IDF commander who targeted terrorists

I get asked to like Facebook pages daily, and usually I ignore the requests - no time.... This morning, I got a message from Shy Guy (whom I actually have met in 'real life') asking me to like a Facebook page for IDF Lieutenant Colonel Nerya Yeshurun. I clicked on the Facebook page (in Hebrew) and it has nearly 3,000 likes in three days - not too shabby. Here's why (translated from Hebrew - I'll leave the Hebrew so that the experts on translating IDF ranks into English can correct me if I got one wrong):
בימים אלו נשמעים קולות לחקור את "ירי הנקמה" שבוצע ע"י גדוד 82 בפיקודו של סא"ל נריה ישורון.
הירי בוצע על תשתית טרור לגיטימית, מרפאה לכאורה ממנה נורתה אש צלפים אשר הרגה את סרן דימה לויטס.
עמוד זה הינו בא לתמוך בסא"ל נריה ישורון, לאור הפרסומים המבישים על פתיחת חקירה בנוגע להשמדה לגיטימית של תשתית טרור!

We are currently hearing calls to investigate the 'revenge fire' by Brigade 82 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Nerya Yeshurun. The fire was the result of a legitimate terror infrastructure, which looked like a clinic, from which sniper fire that killed Sargent Dima Levitas originated. This page is to support Lieutenant Colonoel Nerya Yeshurun  in light of the disgusting publicity about the opening of an investigation into the legitimate destruction of a terror infrastructure!
Obviously, I urge you to like the page.

Based on the Google search results, the original story was pushed by Electronic Intifada, an anti-Semitic web page that is funded by European governments (principally Holland), and is run by President Hussein Obama's Chicago buddy Ali Abunimah. I try not to link anti-Semitic websites, but the story is on Reddit here

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At 1:58 AM, Blogger dan said...

Dima Levitas Z"L was a Captain (סרן) and not a Sargent (סמל).


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