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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

How ISIS is going to attack Chicago with nuclear weapons

It's been more than nine years - since the early days of this blog - since I started warning that Islamic terrorist groups were infiltrating the United States via Mexico. Here's an article that shows how Islamic State (ISIS) is picking up where Hezbullah left off.
“There is a 47 mile long “Open Border” with Mexico. This makes It is very convenient for terrorists because what they do is fly to Mexico City, then fly to Ciudad Juarez. The beginning of the “open border zone” is literally 11 miles from the Juarez airport.
So think for a second an open border within 11 miles of a major international airport. How convenient is that for the terrorists, called ”Other than Mexican’s” to cross into the USA/ Your government tax dollars at work. If you don’t want to get your feet too wet you continue east and come across the border between Esperanza and Fort Hancock where the river is less than 6 inches deep. We put almost 100 miles on our car criss-crossing this 47 mile long open zone and we did not find one…..Not one Border Patrol agent guarding the border. 
So we drove and drove and we drove some more; we looked and we searched… We put almost 100 miles on our car criss crossing this 47 mile long open zone and we did not find one…..Not one Border Patrol agent guarding the border.
So a Border Patrol agent in El Paso told me a 75% reduction in field staffing in East County (the open border zone). The correct answer from our research is that there is 100% stand down of border patrol agents allowing any and everyone to cross over the open unsecured borders into the USA.
Regardless of your political affiliation you really have to wonder what is going on here. The people coming into Estados Undios/United States here are not Mexicans. They are categorized as OTM (Other than Mexican).
They routinely caught people from (the following countries)….
  • Iran             
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan    
  • Egypt
  • Syria          
  • Yemen      
  • Turkey
(Editor’s Note: This is a who’s who list of countries containing terrorists who want to do harm to all Americans. It is also interesting to note that many of the countries listed in the Barber Report include the same countries that we see in Refugee/Resettlement programs which are bringing tens of thousands of unscreened immigrants into the U.S. Further, this reports casts the OTM invasion of the United States, last summer, in a different light. Last summer’s border invasion was a cover for ISIS to set up camps and prepare to strike at targets inside of the United States....)

“When we take a big ISIS hit and we will!  You now know where our government let them into this country. You will know how they circumvented the internal Border Patrol checkpoints which are too busy arresting legal Americans and seizing their cash… El Paso, which is the only major city in the United States where you can not leave the area without being checked at an internal Border Patrol checkpoint. It is curious that the government says these checkpoints are to enforce immigration laws yet over 84% of those arrested at these internal checkpoints are legal United States Citizens . The fines from these arrests are a source of revenue for the Obama administration. If you have over $1000 in cash on you that is legally yours, “they” (your USA government) seizes/ your money…
Why did I mention Chicago in the title? Read it all to find out.

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At 3:14 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

The scope of casualties in the (Mexican) Cartel Street Wars tracked along with the Syrian civil war until ISIS started making it more in Syria/Iraq, etc. "Estimates set the death toll above 120,000 killed by 2013, not including 27,000 missing."
That's through 2013, a year and a half ago. Street rumors are that it is going along unabated, although there are not reports because the reporters have been knocked off or run out.

BTW The world thinks that if only the idiot Americans would stop using the drugs or if only the whole country would legalize pot like Colorado and Washington State have done, that the Cartels would be out of business. However, the Progressive Democrats in the US are forcing open the southern border (which is what Carl I. Jerusalem's post is about) and the Cartels are now saying that the human trafficking (i.e., SLAVE TRADE) has become more profitable than the drug trade.

Anyone who supports the Democrats in the US and doesn't activity work against their continued criminal rule, even if it is just to have the Fraud Gaia $lu$h payments, at this point counts as a SLAVETRADER in America, undoing the Civil War, and has BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. Sorry to say it, but it is time to get real.


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