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Monday, May 18, 2015

It starts: Saudi Arabia to buy nuke from Pakistan

Greetings from Boston.

You didn't really think that Saudi King Salman was going to trust his country's security to the moron on Pennsylvania Avenue, did you? A report in the Sunday Times of London says that Saudi Arabia is going to be purchasing a nuclear weapon from Pakistan.
Saudi Arabia had made the “strategic decision” to purchase a nuclear weapon from Pakistan amid the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, a former American defense official said in a report published today in The Sunday Times.
“There has been a longstanding agreement in place with the Pakistanis and the House of Saud has now made the strategic decision to move forward.”
While the official did not believe “any actual weaponry has been transferred yet”, it was clear “the Saudis mean what they say and they will do what they say”, following last month’s Iranian outline nuclear deal. …
Asked whether the Saudis had decided to become a nuclear power, the official responded: “That has to be the assumption.”
The assessment is shared by an American intelligence official who spoke to the Times, saying that “hundreds” of CIA employees are trying to determine if Pakistan has already supplied any nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.
Let's hear it for Mr. 'Nuclear Non-Proliferation.' Change, indeed. What could go wrong?

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