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Sunday, May 31, 2015

How convenient: Iran claims fighters found Israeli weapons in Saudi embassy in Yemen

You just knew they'd find a way to blame Israel. Iran's FarsNews is reporting that Israeli weapons have been found in the Saudi embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. Right....
Ansarullah sources revealed to the FNA that after they drove all the 40 Saudi embassy guards out of the embassy and captured the compound, it found a large cache of Israeli-made weapons and ammunition.
The Yemeni forces also disclosed that they have discovered documents showing that the US intends to establish a military base on Saudi Arabia‚Äôs Myon Island near Bab al-Mandeb Strait to protect their own interests and ensure the security of Israel. 
The Riyadh government has also asked Tel Aviv for state-of-the-art weapons to supply the terrorist groups in Yemen and forces loyal to fugitive President Mansour Hadi.
In April, senior Yemeni officials disclosed that the Riyadh government has used Israeli-made weapons in its airstrikes on Yemen.
"The Saudis are using Israeli weapons in their raids on Yemen," Yemeni Army Commander Taher Rasoul Zadami told FNA.
The reports said Ansarullah took control of the Saudi embassy in Sana'a in reaction to the Saudis' continued attacks on residential areas and hospitals alongside army positions in Yemen.
How convenient.... If only it were true... there would be a much bigger story: There are very few weapons that Israel may sell without American approval (because of the military relations between the two countries - recall this). I  guess Iran is afraid of that hot potato.

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