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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today's election

It's almost impossible for me to post because I still cannot access this account on my laptop - only on my phone. This situation will continue until late Thursday afternoon Israel time. So I guess I won't even miss the WiFi on the way home.

Two comments on today's election. First, I can't vote. Israel doesn't allow absentee ballots and I happen to agree with that. Too great a chance of ex-pats throwing the elections.

Second, don't believe the polls. Israelis constantly lie to pollsters. If you knew how often they call us, you'd understand why. On top of that, there are certain groups in society who are grossly under-represented in the polls. In 2013 and 1996 (to name two recent examples), the polls were way off.

Finally, if you're addicted to following me, there's always Twitter at least until Thursday. My user name there is @IsraelMatzav.

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