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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sickening: Israel's 'charitable' Left taking election loss out on poor

Reeling from its election loss last week, Israel's 'charitable' Left has identified the enemy: Israel's poor. The Left has decided that since the poor vote for the Likud anyway, the Left will no longer donate to charity.
The latest trend among leftists who were shocked by their defeat at the polls Tuesday is an apparently spontaneous campaign called “Don't Give,” which calls on people to stop donating to the poorer Israelis and the socio-economically weaker regions known as “the periphery,” because these Israelis insist on voting for Likud, in election after election.
The campaign's name in Hebrew, Lo Latet, is a reference to Latet (“To Give”), a major charity group that collects donations for the needy.
The campaign started as a Facebook trend, which gathered steam after it was reported about in the news, and has turned into a Facebook page with over 3,000 likes.
"As the holiday of Pesach approaches, I would like to remind you that there are hundreds of people who have no way of celebrating,” wrote one Lo Latet poster. “It's important that you do not give them a single shekel.”
He added sarcastically: “After all, elected a government that will change their situation, so why interfere and ruin things? Happy holiday!”
"From now on, I want peace of mind,” wrote another poster. “From now on, it's every one for himself. Don't tell me about minimum wages and people whose salary doesn't carry them through the month. I don't want to hear about hungry children or single mothers in distress, about distressed contract workers, or eroded pensions. Don't preach to me about 'the people's choice and majority rule', I understand what democracy is, but from now on, let every person take care of himself.”
Maybe the poor figured out that raising the minimum wage (which was part of Labor's platform) would put more of them out of work. Maybe they figured out that a nuclear Iran and a rocket-laden 'Palestinian state' within firing range of the center of the country would kill all our investments.  And maybe - definitely - the Left has shown its true colors as the 'beautiful people' (yefei ha'nefesh in Hebrew) who couldn't care less about anyone but themselves.

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At 7:03 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

In general people who give money to charity for the correct reasons don't stop.
They might change charities but they continue to give. The average needy person will still get the same amount, just the source changes.

These yefei nefesh most likely don't give anyway, they just complain about others.

Maybe we can slightly mis-translate a saying in the gemora; "istira belegina kish kish karya" (a single coin in a jar makes a lot of noise) as "one who puts only a single coin into a jar Thank a lit of noise about it"


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