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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Kerry's friends to prevent Netanyahu from speaking at #AIPAC2015?

John Kerry's friends at Code Pink are planning to prevent Prime Minister Netanyahu from speaking by disrupting #AIPAC2015 (that's the hashtag for this week's AIPAC convention).
Much more on Code Pink's recent activities here.

And Kerry wonders why Israel won't give him the benefit of the doubt (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
Kerry said in an interview broadcast before he left for more talks in Switzerland with Iran's foreign minister that Netanyahu was welcome to speak in the U.S. and that the administration did not want the event "turned into some great political football."
That sentiment was a step back from some of the sharp rhetoric between the allies in recent weeks, and Kerry mentioned that he talked to Netanyahu as recently as Saturday.
But Kerry stressed that Israel was safer as a result of the short-term nuclear pact that world powers and Iran reached in late 2013, and he described that improvement as the "standard we will apply to any agreement" with the Islamic Republic.
Officials have described the United States, Europe, Russia and China as considering a compromise that would see Iran's nuclear activities severely curtailed for at least a decade, with the restrictions and U.S. and Western economic penalties eased in the final years of a deal.
"We are going to test whether or not diplomacy can prevent this weapon from being created, so you don't have to turn to additional measures including the possibility of a military confrontation," Kerry told ABC's "This Week."
"Our hope is that diplomacy can work. And I believe, given our success of the interim agreement, we deserve the benefit of the doubt to find out whether or not we can get a similarly good agreement with respect to the future."
This administration cannot be trusted on anything - it's that simple. 

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At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so far Iran has kept missile development off the agenda and refused to provide any information on military R&D on nukes or any access to military R&D sites such as Parchin--if the agreement ends up an agreement only to inspect those activities the Iranians themselves list as open to inspection, it means nothing, 5, 10, or however many years--the heavy lifting will be done on unlisted sites--and the agreement a silent partner ratification of the Iranian nukes development


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