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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finally: Obama creates bipartisanship

After more than six years in office, President Obama has finally succeeded in bringing about a bipartisan move in Congress. Unfortunately, it's not quite the move he had in mind.

360 members of the House of Representatives - including majorities from both parties - have signed a letter to Obama excoriating him for saying that he could lift sanctions on Iran without consulting Congress.
A bipartisan letter on Iran signed by 360 members of Congress will be sent to President Obama on Thursday, one of its House signers said.
The letter, like one 47 Senate Republicans sent to Tehran's leaders, reminds the administration that permanent sanctions relief on Iran as part of a deal to rollback its nuclear program would require new legislation from Congress. 
It comes as international negotiators approach a March 24 deadline to reach a framework agreement.
"Should an agreement with Iran be reached, permanent sanctions relief from congressionally-mandated sanctions would require new legislation," the letter says.
"In reviewing such an agreement, Congress must be convinced that its terms foreclose any pathway to a bomb, and only then will Congress be able to consider permanent sanctions relief," it adds. 
The letter stops short of supporting legislation pursued by the Senate that would allow Congress 60 days to weigh in on any final deal before its implementation. 
However, it adds, "We are prepared to evaluate any agreement to determine its long-term impact on the United States and our allies."
(The number of signers is actually said to be 363). 

I couldn't find any White House reaction to this letter. But Obama will henceforth be known as the Great Unifier. What could go wrong?

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