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Monday, February 02, 2015

V-15's very partisan 'non-partisan' campaign

In its efforts to avoid running afoul of Israel's strict campaign finance laws, V-15 has argued that they are 'non-partisan' and that their sole message is that the 'Left and Center' should form the next government. Really? Then why was a Knesset candidate from Tzipi (Livni) and Buzi (Herzog)'s party listed as an officer on the organization's web site until Saturday?
Former MK Yoel Hasson, formerly of Kadima and now number 16 on the joint Labor-Hatnuah (Zionist camp) list, claims that he holds no post in the umbrella organization called OneVoice, whose activities are linked with V15. But until this weekend, Hasson's name and picture appeared on the organization's Web page as a member of the board. On Saturday, the picture was removed.
According to Hasson, "I never held any position in OneVoice. I have no involvement with V15 -- I didn't know it existed until I read the media reports. What matters is not what it says on a website, but what is written in the Registrar of Associations' records, and there I obviously don't appear, and never have appeared, as holding any kind of position."
For the record, according to current polls, number 16 is a very realistic position for the 'Zionist camp' list - Hasson could well be in the next Knesset.

But as a matter of law, he's wrong, at least if the Registrar of Associations works like the Companies Registrar (a bureaucracy with which I deal fairly regularly). The registrar's records don't control. While it's required to notify the registrar, what's controlling is actually the entity's books.

In the meantime, one cannot escape the feeling that V-15 expects to be barred. Otherwise, why would they be behaving like the elections are next week when they're six weeks away.

V15's website reveals the scope of its activities: On Friday, dozens of volunteers around the country went door to door in efforts to convince Israeli citizens not to vote for Netanyahu face to face. The activity was overseen by fully paid field coordinators. According to assessments, the group's payroll includes dozens of paid staff. The total cost is estimated at 10 million shekels.

The group's objective is to reach more than 150,000 homes before election day.
 It shouldn't take six weeks for 'dozens' of volunteers to reach 150,000 people.

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