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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obama: 'No Jews to see here'

President Obama may have sent his spokespeople to walk back his (and their) earlier comments about the murders of four Jews in a Paris Kosher supermarket being 'random,' but Mark Steyn isn't buying the walkback and neither should you.
For over a decade, I have been writing about the metastasizing Jew-hate in Europe, and I have noted, aside from the physical attacks, the casual acceptance of anti-Jewish slurs at the highest levels in Continental society. But I find, say, the Holocaust gags favored by Gretta Duiseberg, the wife of the then head of the European Central Bank, far less disturbing than the absurd pretzel-twist logic deployed by the Obama Administration to deny reality. It is creepy and profoundly unsettling. Like Simon Peter denying the condemned King of the Jews, the most powerful government in the western world thrice denied those four dead Jews in that Paris supermarket.
Here is a typical day in 21st-century Europe:
German court rules firebombing of synagogue is a "protest".
Belgian teacher tells Jewish student: 'we should put you all on freight wagons'.
European Jewish population continues to plummet.
British Vicar blames JOOOOOOOS for 9/11...
Anti-Jewish attacks in UK at highest levels ever recorded...
Teacher quits French school citing antisemitism.
Jewish social life in Europe now takes place behind razor-wire and security guards, and newspapers placidly report polls showing that 58 per cent of British Jews believe Jews have no future in Europe. It is utterly disgraceful that the government of one of the few western nations relatively untouched by the new mass Jew-hate should devote so much energy to insisting that there's nothing to see here.
But lies beget lies. The Obama Administration insists that the Islamic State is not Islamic, Islamic terrorism is nothing to do with Islam, there's no Islam to see here, no way, no how. You can't hold the line at one lie, and tell the truth on everything else. The lie on Islam infects everything else. If they're just "violent extremists" in general, they have to be violent and extremist in general - or "randomly", as the President would say.
I'm a free-speech absolutist and therefore have a high tolerance for "hate". But that's why free speech is important - so one can address these subjects honestly. Islam is an incubator of Jew-hate. It's unfortunate, but it is a fact. For example, Jordan is a "moderate" Muslim country. What does "moderate" actually mean in this context? Well, it means the Hashemites send their princes to Sandhurst and marry them off to hotties. But other than that? Ninety-seven per cent of Jordanians have an "unfavorable" opinion of Jews.
Read the whole thing.

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