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Sunday, February 08, 2015

'Most pro-Israel administration evah' boycotting Israel

The tweet above is apparently a denial of this story (more here), which claims that US Secretary of State John Kerry - whose administration is trying to avoid influencing the Israeli elections - met with opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog in Munich on Saturday (wow is that rich... meeting with Israeli Left... in Munich... on the Sabbath).

Kerry is trying to deny playing politics. Herzog obviously has no such compunctions. 

I keep seeing things in the American media about how there's opposition in Israel to Netanyahu going to Washington and how Netanyahu is going to back down. Sorry but I don't see it.

The opposition is Netanyahu's opposition - the same people who would be criticizing him no matter what he does.

The idea that this is going to influence the elections is a farce. The only way this is going to influence the elections is that the more Netanyahu stands up to Obama, the better he does in the polls.

The idea that Netanyahu cannot lobby Congress to oppose Obama's Iran policy is something that most people here simply will not accept. Our lives are at stake, and even the Europeans admit that Obama's milquetoast Iran policy is doing damage to the West.

Cancel his trip? I just don't see it happening.

And any Democrat that doesn't show up for Netanyahu's speech is going to hear about it from his constituents. That's why the only one who keeps saying loudly that he's not showing up is Joe Biden, and even he has conveniently arranged to be out of the country so that he has a cover story.

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At 12:45 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Is the Gaia/Google Obama $lu$h still in the pipeline? Is it a decisive factor? Just wondering.


At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

doubly pathetic that Zionist Camp promotes a glancing hallway encounter in a meeting Kerry denies was a meeting as proof that "The international community listens to Herzog"--maybe Herzog should stand outside the United Nations with a banjo and a harmonica--think of the influence! he could take his act on the road, riveting the world with his magic! Yitzchak, International Busker to the Nations! Then again at least he didn't show up with a shoe polish shine box and offer to do Kerry's shoes...

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Keep this in mind when Hillary tries to corral the Jewish vote with a some kind of trip to Israel.


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