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Monday, February 02, 2015

Israelis to Obama: 'The hell you'll tell us whom to vote for'

President Hussein Obama's efforts to influence Israel's upcoming election may be backfiring. This is Anshel Pfeffer, one of Haaretz's more Leftist writers.
Haaretz - for those who have forgotten - is Israel's Hebrew 'Palestinian' daily, probably the most Leftist rag among Israel's better known Leftist rags. (By the way, only about 5% of Israelis read Haaretz - they have a much wider audience among the elites in the US and Europe).

Here's the weepy news about the latest polls.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud would win 25 seats and the Labor Camp would secure only 23 if elections were held today, a new poll conducted by Haaretz-Dialog found on Monday.
The poll, which was conducted under the supervision of Professor Camil Fuchs with a representative sample of 514 respondents, showed Netanyahu gaining three more seats than what his party was predicted to win in the last poll conducted in January. The margin of error in the poll was 4.2 percent.
Naftali Bennett's Habayit Hayehudi weakened in this poll to receive 14 seats, compared to 16 in the last survey. The Joint List (Hadash and Arab parties) strengthened, predicted to win 12 seats, while Yesh Atid weakened from 12 to nine seats.
Kulanu and United Torah Judaism were both slated for eight seats, while Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas were predicted to receive six seats. Respondents gave Meretz five seats and Yachad was predicted to get four.
That would put the Right at 25+14+8+6+6+4 = 63, the Left at  23+9+5 = 37, the Arabs (who have never been in any coalition at 12 and Kulanu (which really could go either way) at 8.


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