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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Iranian 'diplomat' caught gathering intel on Israeli embassy flees Uruguay

An Iranian 'diplomat' who was caught gathering intelligence on the Israeli embassy in Uruguay has fled that country.
Ahmed Sabatgold, 32, a political consultant in the Iranian embassy in Montevideo, was suspected of being involved in placing an explosive device near the new Israeli embassy in early January, the Uruguayan El Observador newspaper reported Sunday.
Haaretz reported on Friday that the Uruguayan government had expelled an Iranian diplomat on suspicion of involvement in the attempted bomb attack on the Israeli embassy. The publication caused a great deal of embarrassment in Montevideo, where the government had tried to keep the affair quiet so as not to damage its relations with Tehran.
After hours of silence from Uruguayan President Jose Mujica and Foreign Minister Luis Almagro, the country’s foreign and interior ministries issued a joint statement that shed some more light on what looks like continued Iranian attempts to collect intelligence in preparation for an attack on the Israeli embassy in Montevideo.
Given the Uruguayans’ handling of the affair, Sabatgold had time to flee Uruguay before the Uruguayans expelled him, which allowed the ministries to note in their joint statement that the Iranian diplomat had not been expelled.
There's much more. Read the whole thing.  What ought to be done is that Uruguay (which actually has a sizable Jewish community due to the beef industry) and other countries in which Iranian 'diplomats' and terrorists have attacked Israelis ought to shut their Iranian embassies. But they won't.

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