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Friday, February 13, 2015

Epic fail: Israelis believe Obama trying to influence elections, ignoring him anyway

Here's how little influence Barack Hussein Obama has in Israel today: Most Israelis believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu should go to Washington and a plurality believes that he should speak to Congress. Most Israelis believe Netanyahu is justified in wanting to present his position to Congress. And most Israelis believe that Obama is interfering in Israel's elections.

And the numbers aren't even close.
Internet based polling of Panels Politics of 589 respondents (including Israeli Arabs) on 11 February 2015 for Maariv - published in Maariv on 13 February 2015.

Is Netanyahu justified in wanting to present his position on the Iranian nukes before the American Congress?
Yes 56% No 36% Don't know 8%

Is the American Government interfering in the Israeli elections?
Yes 61% No 31% Don't know 8%

What should Netanyahu do in the wake of criticism regarding his planned address to Congress?
41% Go and speak regardless
17% Go but speak at AIPAC
36% Don't go at all
06% Don't know
Obama's anti-Netanyahu campaign is a failure. 

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