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Monday, January 19, 2015

Would the Obama administration ever issue postage stamps like these?

The postage stamp pictured above is newly issued by Canada. That's not a big deal until you ask yourself whether any other country - including the United States under Obama - would ever consider issuing such a stamp (Hat Tip: Jerry G via The American Thinker).

Let's hear for Stephen Harper and his government!



At 6:26 PM, Blogger Leon Kushner said...

I live in Toronto and am a big supporter of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper who I adore. He is without a doubt Israel's best friend. Sadly I am not foolish enough to be that short sighted to think that this golden age will last forever. Waiting in the shadows is possibly Canada's worst leader ever, Justin Trudeau. Justin is a foolish supporter of the Muslim world. He is supported by his anti-Semitic brother Alexandre who often helps Justin with his political agenda. Much like Obama he shares his love of socialism and will have no issues with robing our country of it's capital.


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