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Friday, January 02, 2015

This is not a parody: A suicide bomber, a document forger, a bomb maker and a nuclear terrorist walk out the gate together

On my flight from Boston to London, I sat next to a pleasant young man who told me that he had recently visited Cuba. When I asked (pained) whether there are now direct flights from the US or whether you still have to fly through Canada, he kind of laughed and said that he had visited there as part of the US military (he was not in uniform). I asked him if he had been stationed at Guantanamo and he said that he had. All I could say was "Wow - it really scares me that most people have little idea who is being released from there." He nodded.

Daniel Greenfield has some details of who's being released (Hat Tip: DC Beacon via IOTW via Bad Blue). They're not pretty.
There appears to be no threat that a terrorist can pose and no crime he has committed too severe to prevent him from getting a plane trip out of Gitmo at taxpayer expense.
The last releases saw terrorists rated as high risk freed by Obama. They included fighters with experience on the battlefield and covert operations. Obama set loose a suicide bomber, a document forger and a bomb maker who trained other terrorists to make bombs. Those are exactly the sorts of enemies whose license to Jihad will cost lives.
But that’s nothing compared to Obama’s latest gift to the Jihad.
When Mohammed Zahir was caught, among his possessions was found a small sealed can marked, in Russian, “Heavy Water U235 150 Grams.”
According to the classified report, the uranium had been identified by Zahir “in his memorandum as being intended for the production of an “atom bomb.”
Zahir was not just another captured Jihadist. He was the Secretary General of the Taliban’s Intelligence Directorate and was in contact with top leaders of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. His possessions included a fax with questions intended for Osama bin Laden and he had been arrested on suspicion of possessing Stinger missiles.
But that may not have even been the worst of it.
Read the whole thing.

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