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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Arabs know how to handle their own

The Arabs know how to deal with their own. Libya has announced that it is banning 'Palestinians,' Syrians and Sudanese from the country, because... they're terrorists.
Libya has immediately and indefinitely banned Palestinians, Sudanese and Syrians from entering the country, because it suspects those citizens of belonging to armed groups operating in the country, Arab News reported.
The report, picked up by the Kuwait news agency Kuna, said that Omar al-Sanki, Libya's interior minister, based the decision on a thorough screening of those nationals.
In addition, the ministry said it would require Maltese nationals to receive security clearances before entering Libya, because of suspicions that some have been providing logistical help to militias in Libya, the report said.
I know. A lot of you Americans are wishing that the US would do the same....

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