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Monday, January 12, 2015

French Jews on their way out?

For a lot of French Jews, Friday's terror attack on a Paris Kosher supermarket may have been the last straw.
The question on the lips of many Jews in France is: should we leave? For the first time in Israel’s history, more Jews emigrated from France than any other country last year. The Jewish Agency of Israel said almost 7,000 came in 2014 and 10,000 are expected this year, up from 3,400 in 2013. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, told French Jews that “Israel is also your home” before leaving to attend the march in Paris on Sunday.
Manuel Valls, French prime minister, responded to Mr Netanyahu’s overtures by saying “France without its Jews is no longer France,” as he visited the kosher supermarket attacked last week by a gunman.
But France also leads the pack in a different sorry statistic: it suffered more anti-Semitic incidents in 2013 than any other western country and the number of such acts has risen sevenfold this century, according to the European Jewish Congress.
“There is a real loss of hope, especially among the young generation. Jews are fed up with always being the target. But if all the Jews go to Israel the terrorists have won,” says Liza, a young woman who is half-Jewish and half-Muslim. Like many, she bemoans the conflation of the Israel-Palestine conflict in France with a clash between Jews and Muslims.
I'd rather let the terrorists win in France and stay alive. France is not and will never be the Jews' country.  And the number of terrorists just seems to be growing.

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At 4:19 PM, Blogger Nooyawka said...

If Jews leave France will that nullify R Gershom's takana about polygamy? He was in France when he promulgated it. You can afford a couple more wives, can't you?

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Natan Sharansky believes 15,000 from France will make Aliyah this year. I think he's aiming low. I also think that France is the test case for Muslims. France has the most Jews of any European nation but it also has a population of Jews hardened a bit by violence. It wouldn't take much of an effort to stage an attack on Belgium, Holland, Denmark, or Spain to get most of the Jews in those countries to flee entirely. Current course and speed you'll the only Jews across the whole of Europe will be in the UK, France, Germany and Hungary with every other country ethnically cleansed and the small communities of Jews remaining in the big 4 countries will be shrinking very fast. Remember it took 10 years to ethnically cleanse the Arab world of 100% of the Jews there. Even there it takes a while. But we're seeing that in Europe right now.


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