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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Democratic party's 'Muslim youth activist' gloats over Paris attack

This is from Daniel Greenfield.
Zaid Jilani has many credentials as an activist of the left. He was a blogger at the Center for American Progress’ Think Progress site, the unofficially official spin project for Obama Inc, until he was fired for excessive anti-semitism, even by the standards of a site run by a man who had helped fundraise for Hamas before going to work for Nancy Pelosi.
Jilani went on to blog for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, also known as Bold Progressives, which is behind the Draft Elizabeth Warren campaign. He currently writes for Salon.
Democrats.org, the site of the Democratic Party, had also featured him as their youth activist.
His response on Twitter to the Muslim mass murder of Mohammed cartoonists in France was to gloat about the terror skills of his co-religionists.
And you thought Elizabeth Warren was an improvement over Hillary Clinton?

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At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

incidentally when Arab terrorists butchered Jewish rabbis at prayer not only did Fatah organize PA-sponsored for the "martyrs" but Israeli Jews were told that the same PA remained their "partner in peace" for a mumbled, English only, mealy-mouth condemnation bracketed by the libel of a Jewish desire to overrun Al Asqa.


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