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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Belgian under arrest for selling weapons to Paris Kosher market terrorist

A Belgian man is under arrest for selling weapons to Amedy Coulibaly (pictured), the terrorist who murdered four Jews in a Paris Kosher supermarket on Friday.

Belgian media reported that a man had handed himself in to police in the southern city of Charleroi on Tuesday, saying he had been in touch with Amedy Coulibaly, the militant who took hostages in a Jewish supermarket in the French capital and was later killed by security forces.

According to the reports, the man said that he swindled Coulibaly in a car sale, but police later found evidence that the two were negotiating about the sale of ammunition for a 7.62 mm caliber firearm.

Bullets of this caliber are needed for the Tokarev pistol that Coulibaly used in his attack on the supermarket in Paris, where he killed four hostages, and possibly in the shooting and injuring of a jogger two days earlier.

"The man is being held by the judge in Charleroi on suspicion of arms dealing," a spokesman for Belgium's federal prosecution said. "Further investigations will have to show whether there is a link with the events in Paris," he added.
According to this report in the Belgian Le Soir (link in French), the alleged arms dealer, Un Carolo, turned himself in because he was afraid that Coulibaly's Islamist friends would come after him for the swindle. This is from the Google translation:
Having learned since then acquaintances of his "victim" with the Islamic state and the jihadist circles, the Carolo, frightened, preferred to share them with law enforcement.

The investigators conducted a home visit to the suspect and would have found evidence confirming the words of the person concerned. They would also have found documents on negotiations on armaments. He was a little matter of particular current rating, which is the Tokarev pistol held by Am├ędy Coulibaly during his attack.

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