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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Incite, rinse, repeat

No, yesterday was not a travel day. I spent yesterday at the OurCrowd global investor summit trolling for clients. Lawyers have to do those things from time to time.

It's been relatively quiet here in Israel for the past week or two. Previously, the 'Palestinians' used the suicide by hanging of an Egged bus driver to incite a terror attack on a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Now, they have something even more likely to be used as incitement. This afternoon, a 'senior Palestinian official' (Note - NOT a minister as has been reported) who had a history of high blood pressure and diabetes died of a heart attack (Note - NOT of being choked or hit by soldiers as has been reported) (possibly connected to his inhaling tear gas) during some pushing and shoving at a demonstration in Samaria. In fact, he refused medical assistance from an IDF medic, and even arrived at the hospital in 'light' condition, and then had the heart attack here according to one report.

As you can see from the blurb above (more here), Ziad Abu Ein was not exactly an admirable character. In fact, he was a terrorist murderer who murdered two boys in a bombing in a Tiberias market place and then tried to escape to the United States via Jordan.

But at the end of the day, none of this will matter. The 'Palestinians' have already condemned Israel (and suspended security cooperation), and the world will follow along

How many people will die (God Forbid) to 'avenge' this terrorist scum's death?

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At 5:46 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Glad this "human" is dead. I only hope no one else dies because he is dead now.


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