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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Obama administration ensures there won't be a 'peace process'

Having failed to convince Israel to commit suicide this past year, the Obama administration seems determined to ensure that there will be no 'peace process' during its remaining two years in office. There is simply no other explanation for this.
The Obama administration will maintain its close ties with Qatar and push for it to have a key role in the tenuous peace process, despite protestations from lawmakers on Capitol Hill who say that the country cannot be trusted due to its close ties to Hamas, according to the letter sent by State Department officials late last month to Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.).
Although Qatar has pledged in past years to give Hamas at least $400 million in aid, it has assured the United States that the next $150 sent to the Palestinians will not make its way to the terror group.
“Qatar has pledged financial support that would be directed to the Palestinian people in Gaza,” Julia Frifield, an assistant secretary for legislative affairs at the State Department, informed Roskam in a Nov. 21 letter. “Qatar assured us that its assistance would not go to Hamas. We continue to interact closely with the government of Qatar and will reinforce that such assistance should not go to Hamas.”
The Obama administration will continue to rely on Qatar to serve a role in the peace process and to engage with Hamas, according to the letter.
“Qatar has said it wants to help bring about a cease fire to the ongoing hostilities in Israel and Gaza,” the letter states. “The Qatari government has engaged with Hamas to this end.”
While the United States still regards Hamas as a terrorist organization, “We need countries that have leverage over the leaders of Hamas to help put a ceasefire in place,” Frifield wrote. “Qatar may be able to play that role as it has done in the past.”
Lawmakers and experts remain dubious that Qatar can be taken at its word given its robust support for Hamas in the past.
Forget - if it's possible - Qatar's support for Hamas. There are other reasons why Qatar can never be an honest broker. Consider this reaction to the Har Nof terror attack from Qatari government-funded al-Jazeera
Referring to the attack by two Muslim terrorists armed with guns and axes who attacked, among other people, a 59-year-old Rabbi at prayer from behind, the op-ed calls it a “daring operation carried out by two Palestinians in a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem”, and threatens that “The operation carried symbolic importance in targeting the synagogue, in a clear message to the settlers and extremists of all varieties and types that the attack on the Arab holy sites would lead to attacks on synagogues and their holy places.”
“The operation also was clear in terms of courage and bravery,” the Al Jazeera op-ed by Professor Abdel Sattar Qassem states. “this operation was the most daring because it was done with primitive weapons. The media picked up that the Palestinians used the gun, but the most important weapons were knives and hatchets.”
Normal non-Muslims don’t consider axing a Rabbi from behind to be courageous and brave, but that’s the difference between the human worldview and the one represented by Al Jazeera and its state sponsor of terror.
Al Jazeera is only running this murderous racist screed in Arabic for obvious reasons, but it needs to be spread around because this is what Al Jazeera really is. It’s not a media organization. It’s the press bureau for terrorists operated by Qatar, a state sponsor of terrorism.
Qatar is not and cannot ever be a trustworthy, honest broker for peace between Israel and the 'Palestinians.' Insisting that it play a role in the 'peace process' is a deliberate attempt to ensure that there will be no 'peace process.'

There are no two ways about it.

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