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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Maybe not a coincidence

You might recall that about two months ago, the newly-installed Swedish government of Stefan Lofven recognized the 'state of Palestine' as its first act in office. Shortly thereafter, Lofven's government failed to pass a budget and as a result that country is going to elections. Coincidence? Maybe not.
As many Swedes have grown sick and tired of a political elite giving in to Islamic demands, it is generally expected that the country's anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats [SD], will do very well in the next elections.
The Sweden Democrats are one of Sweden's youngest parties. They entered Parliament for the first time in 2010 with 5.7% of the vote. Last September, SD became Sweden's third party with 12.9% of the vote. The SD want to stop immigration and turn the tide of Islamization.
Although the party was founded in 1988 by neo-Nazis, it was taken over at the beginning of this century by a group of Conservative students. In 2005, the then 26-year old Jimmy Åkesson became party leader. Mr. Åkesson reformed the party and ousted everyone with racist, fascist or neo-Nazi sympathies. Under his charismatic leadership, the SD have continuously gained in the polls.
The party might well end up after the elections as the kingmaker of Swedish politics -- a party whose support will be needed by both the Left and the Right if they want to be able to form a government. As the leftist parties will in all likelihood not be prepared to team up with a party that aims to restrict immigration, Sweden's next government will probably be a Conservative minority coalition with SD support. In return for its support, the SD could demand tougher immigration policies and perhaps also the reversal of the recognition of Palestine as a state.

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