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Sunday, December 14, 2014

FBI: Iran targeting US energy and defense firms

The FBI is warning that Iranian hackers may attack US energy and defense firms in the near future.

The FBI's confidential "Flash" report, seen by Reuters on Friday, provides technical details about malicious software and techniques used in the attacks, along with advice on thwarting the hackers. It asked businesses to contact the FBI if they believed they were victims.

Cylance Chief Executive Stuart McClure said the FBI warning suggested that the Iranian hacking campaign may have been larger than its own research revealed. "It underscores Iran's determination and fixation on large-scale compromise of critical infrastructure," he said.

The FBI's technical document said the hackers typically launch their attacks from two IP addresses that are in Iran, but did not attribute the attacks to the Tehran government. Cylance has said it believes Iran's government is behind the campaign, a claim Iran has vehemently denied.

An FBI official did not provide further details, but said the agency routinely provides private industry with advisories to help it fend off cyber threats.

The Pentagon and National Security Agency had no immediate comment.
Over the weekend Rush Limbaugh said on the radio said that he just interviewed Thomas Sowell (age 80+) for his Limbaugh Letter, and that Mr. Sowell's biggest fear is that Iran is getting their nuke, that they will attack the U.S. first (not Israel), and that Obama/Clinton/et al will SURRENDER. Yikes (Hat Tip:: Sunlight).

And there's a basis for that fear.

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