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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'Palestinians' celebrate Jerusalem terror attack... on 'Palestinian Authority' Television

'Palestinians' in Gaza handed out candy in the streets after Tuesday morning's terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue.
Hamas and Islamic Jihad praised the bloodbath, with a Hamas spokesperson saying it was a "response" to the suicide of an Arab bus driver Monday, which Islamists have nevertheless been blaming on "Israeli settlers" in order to stoke further tension.

An official statement from Abbas’ office said ”The presidency condemns the attack on Jewish worshipers in their place of prayer and condemns the killing of civilians.” However as is their practice of saying one thing to the world community and something else to their own people, the Palestinian Authority's official TV channel showed images of Bethlehem residents handing out candy in the streets, in support of the attack.
And on the 'Palestinian Authority's Facebook page, they made it quite clear that they support Tuesday morning's terror attack.
Following the Palestinian Authority's condemnation of this morning's terror attack in which 4 Jews were murdered while praying in a Jerusalem synagogue, Abbas' Fatah showed on its official Facebook page that Abbas' condemnation is not sincere.
Fatah explained Abbas' condemnation of the murders by using Palestinian Media Watch documentation showing Arafat's bodyguard explaining that Arafat would lie and condemn terror attacks due to international pressure to do so, but that "it wasn't true."
Fatah posted this text with the video: "For those who argue with Fatah: Why the PA condemns self-sacrifice operations!" [Facebook, "Fatah - The Main Page", Nov. 18, 2014]
This shows that Fatah needed to justify the fact that Abbas, heading both the PA and Fatah, issued a condemnation in the name of the PA. Arguing that the reason Abbas issued the condemnation is the same reason Arafat condemned the killing of civilians - namely international pressure - Fatah states that Abbas' condemnation is not sincere.
Shortly after this post appeared on the Fatah Facebook page the content became unavailable.
I'm sure the US State Department and the European Union will have a talk with 'Abbas' and tell him not to make silly statements like that again.... 

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