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Sunday, November 02, 2014

NY Times opinion writer to speak at fundraiser for Iranian government shill

Anti-Israel New York Times columnist Roger Cohen is going to be speaking at a fundraiser for the National Iranian American Council - the de facto representative of the Iranian regime in the United States. This is from the first link.
You are cordially invited to attend NIAC’s Bay Area Fundraiser on Saturday, November 15th (just 9 days before a potential U.S.-Iran nuclear deal!) featuring keynote addresses by Roger Cohen from the New York Times and Kamran Elahian, an entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Global Catalyst Partners and Bridge 2014.
We are in a crucial time in U.S.-Iran relations. With only days left to reach a nuclear deal with the six major powers, this is the time to be counted. Join us in standing up for diplomacy and peace. It’s the only way to avoid war – and to help create space for the pro-democracy and human rights movements in Iran.
In other news at the Times, opinion section editor Matt Seaton explains why the paper won't address 'Palestinian' racism
His comments were made in response to Tamar Sternthal, an analyst at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) who sarcastically mocked Seaten after he posted a link to a Times column accusing Israel of racism.
She wrote, “no kidding! @nytopinion hasn’t devoted a piece to Israeli racism in a whole month!” to which Seaton replied: “it’s equal opportunity opinion over here; aim to give voice to all sides of a debate over time.” Sternthal then asked, “So we can expect two hit pieces in the next month about Palestinian racism?”
“Sure,” Seaton said, “soon as they have sovereign state to discriminate with. Meanwhile, expect piece from cabinet min. on why they won’t.”
Other Twitter users chimed into the conversation, with one asking if the New York Times will also refrain from covering ISIS militants because they also don’t have a sovereign state.
For those of you who still insist on getting your news from the Times, it's time to get another source.  They are hopelessly biased.

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At 5:05 PM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

When my time comes, I just want to see the special place in Gehinon where Hashem places the Neshamot of the Tom Friedmans and Roger Cohen of this world, so that no matter where I wind up, I'll feel better right then and there.


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