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Monday, November 17, 2014

Is NBC muzzling its Middle East employees?

A deeply disturbing (but not surprising) report from Brian of London based on the tweet above.
This morning [Abu Toameh has] followed it up with a longer message on Facebook shared only with friends, with permission I’m quoting him here:
There’s a serious problem when a major US network tells its employees they won’t get compensation for decades of work unless they promise not to say or write anything about their former working place.
In other words, they are saying: You must not reveal any of our secrets or tell the world about double standards and hypocrisy of the foreign media.
Not only is this unethical and filthy, but it’s also a form of blackmail. I wonder if NBC NEWS would treat its employees in the US in the same way. And what is NBC NEWS afraid of?
Clearly NBC News has sent some communication out to all of it’s staff in Israel and perhaps the wider region with a change to the terms of their employment.

Possible background here

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