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Monday, November 24, 2014

Funny you should mention that

During a wild cabinet debate over a controversial bill that would - get this - declare Israel to be a Jewish state, Yair, son of Tommy Lapid came up with this argument against the bill (quote from first link).
Lapid recounted speaking with the family of Zidan Saif, the Druse police officer who was killed defending Jewish worshipers in the Jerusalem synagogue massacre last week.

“What will we tell them, that [Saif] is a second-rate citizen?” he asked.
Funny you should mention that, because the Druze community in Israel is all in favor of Israel being a Jewish state
Israeli Druze “are not Palestinians,” a Druze leader said regarding a proposed law to officially codify Israel’s status as a “Jewish state.”
As opposed to Muslim Arabs, members of the Druze community tend to be pro-Israel.
“We are not Palestinians and do not have religious or cultural connections with them, but are full Israeli citizens. I want the state to be a Jewish state and not one of ‘all its citizens,’” said Atta Farhat, the head of the Druze Zionist Council for Israel, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Farhat said Jews “respect others and their way of life.”
“We see what is happening in Iraq, Egypt, and other Arab countries. We don’t want to live under a government of darkness, but where we have freedom,” added Farhat.

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