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Friday, November 21, 2014

5 European ambassadors, US protest demolition of terrorists' homes

Five European ambassadors and the US State Department are protesting an Israeli cabinet decision to demolish the homes of four 'Palestinians' behind recent terror attacks, including the two who carried out Tuesday's attacks on a synagogue in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood. This is from the first link.
The ambassadors of Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain conveyed this message at a meeting with senior Foreign Ministry officials in Jerusalem on Thursday and called to restore calm to Jerusalem.
The five ambassadors said their governments object to demolishing Palestinians’ houses, as such punitive measures only exacerbate the situation and escalate the tension, according to Foreign Ministry officials and European diplomats who attended the meeting. 
U.S. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke told reporters on Wednesday that “punitive home demolitions are counterproductive to the cause of peace, especially in an already tense situation.”
He said the Israeli government itself had discontinued this practice in the past, “recognizing its effects.”
The British and Spanish parliaments recently approved measures calling for a 'Palestinian state,' and the French parliament is due to vote on a similar measure. Sweden has already recognized 'Palestine.'

But then, what can we Israelis expect when we continue to have in our own government someone who claims that the Jewish presence in our biblical heartland causes 'Palestinian' terrorism?
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) took part on Thursday in a conference of the Council for Peace and Security, in which she blamed the Jewish presence in the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria for "heating up the atmosphere" in the recent wave of terrorism.
"Our role as cabinet members is to rise above the present reality and see if there's something we can do to change the direction, also in the region and also in our relations with the Palestinians," said Livni. 
The minister claimed there is a coalition of Arab states that are threatened by radical Islam, saying "that's the same coalition that wants to end the conflict between us and the Palestinians based on two nation states. That's good news."
"The essence of Zionism," according to Livni, is to preserve Israel as a Jewish and democratic state - reportedly her opposition to a law defining Israel as the Jewish nation state has led her to draft an alternate formulation focusing on Israel as a democracy over the state's Jewish nature.
"The more that the settlement enterprise continues our future does not improve, it heats up the atmosphere and sends a message to the world that Israel is playing a double game," claimed Livni. "We speak about peace and an agreement, but in parallel we come out with all kinds of announcements on more building and more expropriation."
The terrorism is because the 'Palestinians' won't tolerate the presence of Jews anywhere in this country, and the only way that the 'Palestinians' will ever agree to a 'Palestinian state' is if it's Judenrein (free of Jews).

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At 1:05 PM, Blogger InMemoryOf Yossi said...

Rashim like Livni will only learn the hard way. May Hashem make it happen to THEM real soon. If anyone Chas v'shalom is meant to die, please, please, please, let it be family of such Leftists. Normally I don't wish evil on others. But if it will help klal Yisroel, I'm will to sacrifice their loved ones.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger InMemoryOf Yossi said...

And you know that is coming from someone who knows what it means to bury your child. I know the pain death brings. May Hashem spare all of us from any more.

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Reaganite Independent said...

Not me- I think it's great, they can't be made flat enough

At 2:19 PM, Blogger Reaganite Independent said...

Naw, it's great... they can't be made flat enough, if you ask me

At 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just an interesting aside, in the US if anyone of your household is caught with drugs the entire family is evicted from public housing. It sounds like collective punishment and has been held legal and constitutional. Also, if you are in a car with drugs the car is impounded even if it is not yours. The owner forfeits the car. It is about responsibility and knowing what s going on under your roof. Under that same line of reasoning, wrongful death lawsuits have been successful against the parents of some of the mass school shooters here in the US under the same thinking that people are responsible for those that live under their roofs, especially since the owners of the property are supposed to have control over their own real property. It is not unusual for the US State and EU to be hypocrites. This is simply some of the latest nonsense.

BTW has anyone from State or the EU condemned the destruction of houses making way for the security corridor on the Egyptian side of Gaza? Not one peep.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger mrzee said...

It's always amusing to see the filthy Brits complain about house demolitions. Someone should remind them they're the ones who originally passed the relevant law.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger Shy Guy said...


At 12:35 PM, Blogger YJ Draiman Articles said...

British House Demolitions as Punishment
Regulation 119
119 - (1) A Military Commander may by order direct the forfeiture to the Government of Palestine of any house, structure, or land from which he has reason to suspect that any firearm has been illegally discharged, or any bomb, grenade or explosive or incendiary article illegally thrown, or of any house, structure or land situated in any area, town, village, quarter or street the inhabitants or some of the inhabitants of which he is satisfied have committed, or attempted to commit, or abetted the commission of, or been accessories after the fact to the commission of, any offence against these Regulations involving violence or intimidation or any Military Court offence; and when any house, structure or land is forfeited as aforesaid, the Military Commander may destroy the house or the structure or anything growing on the land.
(2) Members of His Majesty's forces or the Police Force, acting under the authority of the Military Commander may seize and occupy, without compensation, any property in any such area, town, village, quarter or street as is referred to in subregulation (1), after eviction without compensation of the previous occupiers if any.


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