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Thursday, October 30, 2014

No Jews? What difference does it make?

I received the following via email, unsourced. It's spot-on.
"Israel TV have been showing the massive destruction of hundreds of homes by the Egyptians as they create a 500 meter buffer zone with Gaza on their side of the ...border.
1165 families have been removed as their homes are destroyed.
Isn't it strange that this is a yawn for the Western media. Not worth a mention. No angry street demonstrations. No condemnation by UN human rights organizations. No criticism by the Obama Administration. Nothing. There's no Jewish state to blame and accuse of terrible crimes.
It has to be said that the Egyptians were uncovering Hamas tunnels as they cleared the area, which was part of the reason for the operation.
Egypt and Israel have a common cause in eliminating this joint Islamic threat, albeit Palestinian."
Here's a comment from Jeff Jacoby on Twitter.
What a double standard the 'international community' has adopted. What difference does it make?

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