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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jerusalem light rail terrorist broadcast desire to murder Jews on social media

If I were to write on this blog that I wished to kill Arabs (or 'Palestinians' for that matter), the odds are pretty high that someone from the police department or the General Security Service would pay me a visit and follow me around for a while to see whether I intend to do what I said I'd do.

Abdelrahman Shaludeh, the terrorist who murdered a three-month old infant and wounded eight other people a short distance from my home on Wednesday night, bragged for months on social media that he wished to murder Jews. In the end, the police only stopped him after he succeeded.
A report in Yediot Achronot Thursday quoted Twitter and Facebook posts of the 20-year-old Shaludeh, an Arab resident of Shiloach (Silwan) who was a legal Jerusalem resident. In his last post on a social media site frequented by Islamists, for example, he wrote “now is the time to defend your home, Muslims – go out on a crusade to protect the Al-Aqsa mosque” from Jews who sought to pray on the Temple Mount.
The day before the attack, he posted a link to a video published by the Al Aqsa Brigade terror group – closely associated with Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah group. The clip displayed terrorists in training. Slodi's comment: “See how the Al Aqsa fighters train for suicide missions” to carry out against Israeli targets.
Speaking to Israel Radio, Israeli security officials said that Shaludeh was known to authorities, and officials believe that he acted on his own. 
Shaludeh, who was 20 or 21, had a long history of arrests for terrorism - and releases. 
According to Palestinian reports, a-Shaludi was released from jail in December 2013 after serving a 16-month sentence. He was arrested again last February for a period of one month. He is also reportedly a close relative of the Muhi a-Din Sharif, aka "Engineer No. 2", a senior member of the Hamas military wing who was killed near Ramallah in 1998. 
A-Shaludi had a history of security violations. When he was 18, he was indicted, along with his brother and his friends, for targeting the Jewish residents of Silwan in East Jerusalem, and for trying to prevent police cars from entering the neighborhood.

In May 2013, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison in a plea bargain, having pleaded guilty to, and been convicted of, throwing petrol bombs at Jewish cars and at a police vehicle, attempted arson, aggravated assault, attempted assault of a policeman and rioting.

A-Shaludi confessed and was convicted under the plea bargain to one of three charges, for an incident that occurred on Nakba Day: He and his friends made Molotov cocktails, which they divided among themselves and hurled. The two charges that were dropped referred to the throwing of firebombs at Jewish residents of Silwan.

In addition, he was arrested last March on suspicion of vehicular theft.
I must be missing something. If he was sentenced to 16 months in May 2013, why was he released in December 2013? Is our government now paroling terrorists? 

Fortunately, at least this terrorist will not be released in a 'prisoner exchange.' He died during the night. As of now, his body has not been released. Maybe we should trade it for the two bodies of the IDF soldiers who were killed in Gaza over the summer.... 

By the way, why is it that the police had apparently not done anything to stop Shaludeh?

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