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Monday, October 20, 2014

It figures: Klinghoffer creator a (former) Jewish anti-Semite

Alice Goodman - the creator of the terror-glorifying opera 'Death of Klinghoffer' - is a former Jew turned Anglican Priest (Hat Tip: Dan F). Going back to the prophet Isaiah, we have been warned that those who would destroy us will spring forth from among us. A quick review of Goodman's recent Twitter entries shows a visceral hatred for Jews, and for Israel and those who support it. Here are some examples.
Not really. In fact, most American Jews support a 'two-state solution.' If the protest were taking place in Israel, Goodman might have a point. Unless, of course, she supports the extirpation of Israel's existence (maybe she does).

It's apparently inconceivable to Ms. Goodman that anyone could feel revulsion at the use of dead Jews as 'art,' and at the glorification of terrorism that her 'opera' aims to accomplish.

It should also be clear to all of you that Ms.Goodman's motivations have nothing to do with art and everything to do with hatred of Jews and Israel. There is indeed no anti-Semite like a Jewish anti-Semite. 

For those who can make it this evening to protest in New York:

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