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Sunday, September 14, 2014

When the shoe was on William Schabas' other foot

William Schabas has been asked to recuse himself from chairing the United Nations 'human rights council's 'commission of inquiry' into Operation Protective Edge because of comments that show he has prejudged the outcome.

Schabas has mocked attempts to unseat him as commission chair, telling an Arab newspaper that “even if Spider-Man were appointed to head the commission they would attack him.

UN Watch reports that when Schabas was in the dock himself - as the President of the militant Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) back in 1974 at the University of Toronto, he had a far different viewpoint
What is particularly ironic, however, is that, according to a decision of the Ontario Divisional Court (Re Schabas et al. and Caput of the University of Toronto et al.), Schabas tried to disqualify the entire panel hearing his case by arguing that they were biased.
The court rejected Schabas’ claims, finding “no evidence whatsoever to support a reasonable apprehension” of bias.
Yes, of course, Schabas was only a doctoral student, and no one should be held to account for all their university indiscretions.
But there is simply no justification for Schabas to continue to refuse to give a legal response to the very genuine allegations of bias, or the reasonable apprehension thereof, on his part.
 I'm shocked at his hypocrisy. Just totally shocked..... (NOT!).

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At 6:51 AM, Blogger jlevyellow said...

Operating under the understanding that is developing about the neurophysiology of memory that "we never forget anything ever" (except when senescence sets in), Schabas is fully aware of his previous attempt to use "bias" to disqualify those who sat in judgment of him. The key, then, to understanding him lies in the essential historical fact that he was a leader in Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The meaning is that as a matter of principle he gives short shrift to truth as a useful construct. As all Leftists, he rejects "truth" as a productive mechanism for attaining his goals. Being of deep Leftist conviction, he will eagerly follow the dictates of Saul Alinsky to promote the ideals of the Revolution. "Law" to such people is a tool, not a set of binding rules. Israel will be left twisting in the wind. The outcome of Schabas' investigation is already a foregone conclusion. Israel must be dismembered because it stands in the way of a borderless world.


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