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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Moonbat AG: ISIS, Hamas and Hezbullah flags out, but PLO flag in

In a letter to the prosecutors' offices, our moronic attorney general says that if you display an ISIS, Hamas or Hezbullah flag, you will be arrested and prosecuted (unless you're a 'Palestinian' or other non-Israeli citizen, in which case even those flags are okay), but if an Israeli citizen displays a PLO flag, that's cool with Yehuda Weinstein.
The letter says that, according to Weinstein's opinion, the state is on clear legal grounds to persecute such actions. “The Palestine Liberation Organization was declared a terror organization many years ago, and that designation has never been changed. Technically, flying the PLO flag is a crime, as that was legislated when the PLO was declared a terror group.
“Given the new relationship between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which represents the PLO, the Attorney General has for many years overlooked the criminal aspects of flying the PLO flag, and no one is persecuted [sic - CiJ] for this anymore,” the letter said. “With that, there is no overall protection for flying the flag of terror groups, which is still a crime.” That law, the letter said, needed to be enforced against groups that practice terrorism, including ISIS, Hezbollah, and Hamas.
“When such flags and symbols are displayed police must judge if there is a possibility of public disorder or disturbance, or of danger to the public. If there is, police should take steps to remove the flags. In appropriate cases, charges may be made against perpetrators,” the letter added.
While the PLO flag could fly, the letter said, action should be taken as quickly and forcefully as possible against the flags of other terror groups, the letter said. “We have recently distributed these instructions to police and security officials and expect them to act according to these principles,” it added.
 'Israeli Arabs' are now officially allowed to fly the 'Palestinian flag' in Israel. What could go wrong?

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