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Monday, August 18, 2014

This is rich... Guess which country is being threatened into complying with Sharia law....

A Muslim terrorist group is threatening a 9/11-type attack in Norway if a section of Oslo isn't turned into Sharia-compliant territory.
The Norwegian news portal VG Nett is reporting that a Muslim terrorist group, Ansar al-Sunna’, is threatening that if a section of the nation's capitol isn't transformed into a sharia-complaint Muslim nation, an attack rivaling 9/11 will be launched upon the Scandinavian nation.
VG Nett has stated that the Norwegian Police Security Service (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste - PST) is already familiar with many members of this particular terror group.
As translated by Michael Laudahn,
"If norwegian soldiers can take planes to Afghanistan, then Osama and Mohammed can also take planes to Norway, inshaAllah.
Now, the government must wake up and assume responsibility, before this war spreads to Norway. Before the counterpart reacts. Before moslems take the step necessary.
Do not confuse the moslems’ silence with weakness. Do not profit from the moslems’ patience. Do not force us to do something that can be avoided. This is not a threat, only the words of truth. The words of justice.
A warning that the consequences can be fatal. A warning about a 9/11 on norwegian ground, or larger attacks than the one carried out on 22 july. This is for your own good and in your own best interest.’
We do not want to be a part of norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody.
But let Grønland become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts.
We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you."
'22 July' is of course a reference to the attacks carried out on that date three years ago by Anders Breivik, a 'normal Norwegian boy,'  who set off a bomb in Oslo and then went to a youth camp in Utoya and opened fire with a machine gun on a camp run by the ruling Labor party, murdering approximately 98 people. The Muslim terrorists would like to exceed that total.

And why did I say that this entire story is 'rich'? Because Norway is arguably the most anti-Semitic country in Europe. Here's what was going on in that youth camp the day before Breivik committed his terror attack:

Yes, they were practicing to sail to Gaza.

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