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Friday, August 22, 2014

They sure don't execute collaborators like they used to

If I recall correctly, the standing white bag from this August 2006 picture is the mother of the 'collaborator' on the ground with his brains leaking out. The scene was in Samaria if I recall correctly.

In Gaza, however, 'collaborator' executions have gotten coldly efficient. There were three of them on Thursday.
The Majd website quoted a senior security official in the enclave as saying seven people had been arrested on suspicion of scoping out targets for Israel and that three others had been shot dead. The official said that the three were killed after "revolutionary procedures" were completed against them.
No date was given for the executions or the arrests.
The site added that zero tolerance would be shown to those collaborating with Israel.
The same website reported on August 6 that "a number" of Palestinian Arab collaborators had been killed, again without giving a date.
On July 13, witnesses in the southern city of Rafah reported seeing gunmen kill a man in the middle of the street in another incident which appeared to be the execution of a suspected collaborator.
But just give them a 'state' and everyone will have the right to a fair trial.... /sarc

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