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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The 'Palestinian' flag appears in Ferguson, Missouri

I haven't really been following the story of the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, but I suppose it was inevitable that the rioters would invoke the cause of the 'Palestinians' as if Israel was to blame for the shooting of a black man who (allegedly) stole cigars from a liquor store.
For some reason, the Palestinian flag made it’s debut yesterday in Ferguson. What does Palestine have to do with Ferguson? Did the Jews do the riots? Or maybe the Jews caused the cop to shoot Michael Brown. Oh wait, I know! The Jews caused Michael Brown to steal $50 worth of cigars from a liquor store before being by the cops. Darn you Zionists!
It’s all too ironic that the Palestinian flag made it’s debut in Ferguson on the same day that Jesse ‘Hymietown’ Jackson decided to go down to Ferguson and milk the situation. 
Ironic? I'd say it's far from coincidental. 

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