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Monday, August 25, 2014

Terrorists shoot rockets from Lebanon at Kiryat Shmona

Terrorists fired two rockets at Kiryat Shmona around 10:15 this evening, and as of 11:00 the IDF was retaliating.
Sirens sounded throughout the Upper Galilee close to 10:15 pm Monday night, just before a series of explosions were heard near Kiryat Shmona.
The IDF confirmed that two rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel. No injuries or damage were reported.
The IDF “retaliated with artillery fire towards the source of the attack,” the IDF Spokesperson wrote on Twitter.
Troops are currently scanning the Lebanese border, sources say, in cooperation with mediating body UNIFIL. 
Just before 11:00 pm, unconfirmed reports have begun surfacing that the IAF has begun responding to the rocket fire. 
Since Operation Protective Edge began 49 days ago, at least ten rockets have been fired into Israel from Lebanon.
Through UNIFIL, the IDF has warned the government of Lebanon, which includes Hezbullah, that Israel sees the government of Lebanon as responsible for any attacks.

Beirut's Daily Star adds:
The rockets that were fired from the Jarmaq area near the Litani River in south Lebanon came two days following a similar attack on Saturday. Dozens of shells landed on the river’s banks near Jarmaq and Ayshieh as a result of retaliatory Israeli fire, the source said, adding that the Lebanese Army cordoned off the area in search of the perpetrators.

In mid-July, at least nine rockets were fired from Lebanon at the Jewish state, prompting Israel to retaliate with artillery fire. Lebanese military officials had at the time said they believed the attacks were carried out by a small Palestinian group in an act of solidarity with Gaza.

Over the weekend, newly-appointed UNIFIL commander Maj. Gen. Luciano Portolano strongly condemned the rocket attacks as a violation of U.N. Resolution 1701 that ended Lebanon’s 2006 war with Israel.
I don't see Israel doing anything to escalate with Lebanon right now. We need to finish off Hamas. The problem is that Hezbullah might have different ideas.

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At 4:43 AM, Blogger Herb Glatter said...

The Daily Star refers to the "Jewish Stat" don't tell Khamenei or Nasrallah


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