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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Most Israelis don't think we won the war; Netanyahu's ratings plummet

A new poll indicates that most Israelis aren't buying the government line that Israel won the war. The poll also shows an additional drop in Prime Minister Netanyahu's popularity ratings.
The poll, which was conducted by Shiluv Millward Brown and iPanel for the Hebrew-language Channel 2 news site, found that a full 59% of Israelis felt Israel did not win in Operation Protective Edge. A paltry 29% said the operation was an Israeli victory.
A decisive majority of the public, 54%, opposed the ceasefire which Netanyahu unilaterally sealed with the terrorist organization Hamas, using a technically to avoid putting the deal up for a Security Cabinet vote. Only 37% supported the ceasefire.
Clearly the disappointment is not directed at the IDF, which 83% of the public said it was satisfied with - instead Israelis apparently are severely dissatisfied with the political echelon, and Netanyahu at its head.
Netanyahu's approval rating nose-dived to a mere 32% in the poll, with a full 59% saying they were not satisfied with him.
Those figures signify an even further plummeting in Netanyahu's ratings; a similar poll two days earlier found that only 38% of Israelis were satisfied with Netanyahu, as opposed to 55% four days prior to that point. At the start of the operation with the ground entry to Gaza, that figure was a whopping 82%.
Criticism has been pouring in from all corners over Netanyahu's apparent unwillingness to take decisive action against Hamas and return security to residents of the south.
The only impediment to new elections is whether the coalition is willing to protect itself and Netanyahu. 

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