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Friday, August 29, 2014

More Americans want a more engaged foreign policy, but...

In the run-up to the US Presidential election, Hillary Clinton has been arguing for a more engaged foreign policy while Rand Paul has been arguing for isolationism. The American people would like a more engaged foreign policy. That would seem to favor Clinton, but in fact it may ensure that neither candidate is his or her party's nominee.
The percentage of the public saying the country does too little has almost doubled since November, from 17 to 31 percent. Thirty-nine percent say the U.S. does too much. 
Democratic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been arguing for a more engaged in U.S. presence in the world ahead of a possible presidential run, in contrast to possible opponent Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), and, to some extent, President Obama. 
Despite the overall increase in those saying they want the U.S. to do more, however only 24 percent of Clinton's own party say the U.S. does too little, compared to 36 percent who say too much. For Republicans, the numbers are reversed, with 46 percent saying too much and 37 percent too little.
Okay, that last sentence doesn't sound right, does it? So I went to the source:
Republicans, Democrats and independents all are more likely to say the U.S. does too little to solve world problems, but the shift among Republicans has been striking. Last fall, 52% of Republicans said the U.S. does too much to help solve global problems, while just 18% said it does too little. Today, 46% of Republicans think the U.S. does too little to solve global problems, while 37% say it does too much.
Oh yeah, and then there's this:
Obama gets his best rating for handling race relations; nearly half approve of how he is handling race relations (48%) compared with 42% who disapprove. His ratings for handling other issues – including policy toward Israel (37% approve), the situation involving Russia and Ukraine (35%) and the situation in Iraq (35%) – are more negative than positive.
But The Hill doesn't mention that.

Oh, and by the way, Pew says that a majority of Americans thinks Obama isn't tough enough on foreign policy. What a surprise....
Obama’s approach to foreign policy continues to be viewed as not tough enough: 54% say Obama is not tough enough in his approach on foreign policy and national security issues, while 36% say his approach is about right and just 3% say he is too tough.
 Are Americans waking up to the disaster Obama has wrought? We can only hope.

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At 5:41 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Are Israeli's considering foreign policy approaches from Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Allen West, etc. etc.? and other Republicans, or only the Democrats and wacky libertarians?


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