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Sunday, August 17, 2014

London's Sainsbury's goes beyond BDS

Some of you might recall that back in January of 2007, I spent a long weekend in London with Mrs. Carl (although I didn't mention my travel companion at the time).

One of the things we enjoyed was being able to go into Sainsbury's and buy Kosher sandwiches which were in the refrigerator alongside all their other sandwiches. The sandwiches were made in England by a company called DD's, and to this day, when I change planes in London, I often go through passport control rather than take an airport bus from one terminal to the other, so that I can buy a DD's sandwich or two, and then take the underground to whatever terminal I need to reach.

Unfortunately, as you can see from tweet above, Sainsbury's has now removed all Kosher food from its store in Holborn, which is in the center of London where Mrs. Carl and I hung out seven and a half years ago. Yes, that includes Kosher food not made in Israel, which is most of what Sainsbury's sold.

Anyone still think BDS is something other than anti-Semitism?


I guess Sainsbury was afraid of something like this

If Britain cannot protect its populace, perhaps the British government should turn over the reigns to someone who can.

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