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Sunday, August 24, 2014

IAF eliminates chief Hamas financier in northern Gaza

I suspect that the image may not be the one from the actual hit, but it's always good to see burnt out cars next to a man with a keffiyeh.

Israel has eliminated Hamas' chief financier in Gaza, one Mohammed al-Ghoul (a name which is apparently quite common in the terrorist organization, but I think it might be this guy).
3:59 P.M. The Israeli army says it has struck Mohammed al-Ghoul, responsible for Hamas' money transfers, in an air strike. Before the Hamas-Fatah unity government was established, al-Ghoul was Hamas' justice minister in the Gaza Strip. According to the army, a direct hit was recorded. In Gaza, reports have emerged that an air strike hit a vehicle on al-Wahda Street in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, killing one and wounding ten. Hamas has not yet made an official announcement regarding the reports. (Gili Cohen and Jack Khoury)
Bye bye. Make sure to put a sheeet over your head....

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