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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hamas admits it was behind kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens

Salah al-Arouri, the Turkey-based Hamas commander whom Israel says planned the operation, has admitted for the first time that Hamas was behind the kidnapping and murder of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach HY"D (May God Avenge their blood).
A senior Hamas official admitted for the first time on Wednesday that the organization's armed wing, the Kassam Brigades, was behind the kidnapping and murder of Israeli teens Nafatli Fraenkel, Gil-Ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah in the West Bank in June.

The Hamas official, Salah al-Aruri made the comments during a conference of Islamic clerics in Turkey. He praised the "heroic action of the Kassam Brigades who kidnapped three settlers in Hebron."
Let's go to the videotape (sorry - Arabic with a small amount of Hebrew translation).

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At 3:53 AM, Blogger JG said...

Isn't it about time we finally told the Palestinians that Israel lubricates it's guns with pig fat?


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