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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Drivers injured at Erez crossing were ferrying wounded 'Palestinians' into Israel for medical treatment

They really do try to kill their own, don't they? The three 'Israeli Arab' drivers who were wounded in the Hamas mortar attack on the Erez crossing point earlier today were ferrying wounded 'Palestinians' from Gaza to Israeli hospitals for medical treatment.
In the early afternoon a mortar wounded three Israeli Arabs who work as taxi drivers tasked with taking a group of Gazans from the crossing into Israel for medical care. Roughly an hour later, the IAF hit the site from where the mortar was launched. 
The attack took place at the Erez Crossing in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council while a goup of ill Palestinians was making the crossing. Soldiers evacuated the wounded as mortars continued to fall.

One of the Palestinian attemtping to make the crossing spoke to Ynet and said "the war does what it wants with us. I hope both sides put an end to it. There is too much fear in Gaza and in Israel. All we wanted was to get medical care."


Abed Ra'asab, from East Jerusalm, arrived at the crossing to transfer a young relative of his suffering cancer to a hospital in Jeruslam and witnessed the scene. When he arrived at the Palestinian side of the crossing the attack began. "It was so close, but thank God I was close to a shelter, those wounded were farther away. The (IDF) paramedics quickly took care of the wounded.

The mortar hit one of the few active crossings connecting Israel to Gaza, specifically the one intended for human passage. A car belonging to one of the Israeli-Arabs sustained damage. A young Palestinian girl who was at the crossing suffered anxiety and she was seen shaking from fear. 
Still waiting to hear any international condemnation of Hamas (which has taken responsibility) for firing on wounded 'Palestinians.' I don't expect to hear any. 

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