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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Captured terrorist: 'Everyone knows Hamas leadership under Haniyeh hiding in Shifa Hospital'

The Shin Bet (General Security Service) has published interviews that it has done with Hamas terrorists who were captured during Operation Protective Edge. It has also taken the unusual step of publishing their names.
The ISA said that interrogation of captives taken in Operation Protective Edge gave a “somewhat disturbing” picture of Hamas's use of civilians and public buildings to carry out military activity, “out of an assumption that Israel will avoid hitting them.”
In an unusual step, the ISA quoted captives and provided their names. Abd el-Rahman Baalusha from Khan Yunis said that the mosques Al-Safa and Al-Abra in Gaza City serve as staging and gathering points for terrorists.
Two captives from Bayt Lahya, Afif Jarah and Amad Jarah, said that an attack tunnel from a Bedouin village was dug from a point adjacent to a kindergarten. In case of a successful operation to abduct an Israeli, the abductee was to be broguht to the kindergarten and taken elsewhere from there.
Muhammad Kadra of Khan Yunis told interrogators that “everybody knows” that the Hamas leadership in Gaza under Ismail Haniyeh is hiding out inside Shifa Hospital, apparently in an area that is out of bounds to ordinary civilians.
If Netanyahu wants to raise his rating from 38% back to 82%, going after that area of Shifa Hospital would go a long way. 

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At 7:51 PM, Blogger 2senseplain said...

I gather, since their names have been published, that Israel doesn't ever intend to release them. Or is there a witness protection program for them to disappear into?


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