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Sunday, August 17, 2014

American Jews having a Reagan moment?

Ronald Reagan famously quipped, "I didn't leave the Democratic party. They left me." Could it be that American Jews are starting to do the same? According to Michael Goodwin, there are some hopeful signs (Hat Tip: Jammie Wearing Fool).
So, is this the moment when American Jews realize the Democratic Party has left them?
Gallup surveyed 88,000 Americans through June and found that 55 percent of Jews approved of the president, while 41 percent disapproved. Among all religious groups, Muslims gave him the highest approval, at 72 percent.
The 55 percent Jewish approval marks a big decline from the 69 percent of the Jewish vote Obama got in 2012, and the 78 percent he got in 2008.
Despite what anti-Semites believe, not all Jews care equally about Israel, and certainly don’t agree on what is best for Israel. Other issues affect their vote as well.
Still, the well-being of the lone Jewish state is a significant factor for many, and they want a president who shares their concern. Given Obama’s recent hostile conduct and comments, a new poll likely would find his support falling even more.
It’s not a “Reagan moment,” but it’s getting closer.
It's long past due. 

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