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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Amazing video: IAF airstrike destroys 13-story Hamas headquarters in Gaza City

An IAF airstrike carried out before sundown on Saturday destroyed a 13-story Gaza City apartment bloc that was used as a major command and control center for Hamas.

Let's go to the videotape. More details after the video.

Here are the details:
The Israel Air Force struck a 13-story building in Gaza City on Saturday evening that housed an enormous Hamas command center, IDF sources said, adding that only combatants were inside at the time.

Gazan health officials said 17 people were wounded in the attack. Reuters cited local residents as saying that the building housed 44 families.
Even Maan admitted that the 'Palestinians' were warned and escaped.
Residents in the 12-story Zafer 4 building were called by the Israeli military 10 minutes before the attack and told to evacuate, sparking a stampede as dozens of people ran down to the street, neighbors said.

Two missiles then slammed into the complex, reducing it to a pile of dusty rubble and sparking panic in the area as the tower collapsed on top of itself amid a massive cloud of smoke and debris, witnesses said.
Funny, I don't hear anyone denying that there was a Hamas headquarters there.
An Israeli army spokeswoman told AFP a Hamas military operations room had been located in the building.
And no denial. So once again, Hamas has committed a war crime by using what locals claim to be a residential apartment complex for an 'operations room.'

Will Shifa Hospital be next?

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