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Monday, July 07, 2014

Three of six suspects have confessed to Abu Khadr murder

Three of the six Israeli Jews who were arrested have reportedly confessed to the kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khadr, and have reenacted the attack for police.
Police Monday morning have said that three of the six suspects arrested over the murder of Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khder have admitted to the crime, and have even reenacted it for police.
The development came after one of the suspects admitted to the murder soon after being arrested on Sunday. After confessing he also apparently implicated several others, which seems to have led to the latest confessions.
It comes as more information emerges about the circumstances of Mohammed Abu-Khder's death. An initial pathologist's report indicates that the teen was burned alive, with his body suffering 90% burns. He was murdered soon after being abducted on Tuesday night, hours after the funeral of three Israeli teens murdered by Hamas terrorists in similar circumstances and fueling speculation he was the victim of a "revenge" attack.
Israel's legal system for criminals is very different than the American system. These boys (and men?) have not had the opportunity to meet an attorney (that was explicitly reported yesterday), they are given no Miranda warnings and are subject to intense questioning, despite the fact that it is likely debatable now whether they are 'ticking time bombs' who have accomplices who are likely to generate further attacks (the usual justification for questioning suspects without allowing them to see an attorney). The confessions are admissible in court, and suspects often get more lenient treatment for cooperating.

My guess is that we'll see confessions from the other three soon as well.

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At 2:37 PM, Blogger Neshama said...

All without legal representation!
I'm sure they were leaned on very heavily for these confessions.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger 2senseplain said...

And how clean are those "re-enactments" either?


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