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Monday, July 21, 2014

The terrorists wore IDF uniforms

The two groups of Hamas terrorists who emerged from terror tunnels on the Israeli side of the border on Monday morning wore IDF uniforms according to IDF Southern District Commander Major General Sami Turgeman.
Dozens of terrorists in military uniform emerged from a tunnel, and were successfully stopped by the military, Turgeman added.
Uncovering the tunnels is a complex and challenging task, requiring intelligence and technology, he added.
The IDF's work in destroying tunnels, both inside Gaza and cross-border tunnels, "is disturbing the enemy," which spent years digging them,Turgeman said.
Two terrorist attack cells entered Israel from northern Gaza via a smuggling tunnel on Monday morning.
They were identified by IDF lookouts, and an aircraft was dispatched to intercept them. The first cell was struck from the air, and ten of its members were killed.
The second cell fired an anti-tank missile at a military vehicle.
The Shin Bet sent an alert to the IDF hours before the attack, warning of intentions of terrorists in northern Gaza to infiltrate the country.
The Shin Bet said a serious and complex terror attack has been thwarted "due to the readiness of the IDF on the ground, following the pinpoint alert that was sent."
By the way, in addition to it being a war crime to fight without a uniform, I believe it is also a war crime to fight while wearing the other side's uniform. 

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